Free Radical - Timesplitters 4 Official, Teases Concept Art!!
October 04, 2008 by mruniversal did we almost miss this one?  Despite the critical and commercial drubbing their PlayStation 3 exclusive Haze received, it doesn't look like Free Radical is taking the beating laying down.  In fact, they're doing EXACTLY the right thing and have started the pimping of the now-official Timesplitters 4!  Joy...Rapture...Bliss!!

The image you're seeing is but one of several pieces of concept art, and if you think the notion of a vicious chainsaw-weiling nun oddly exciting, wait until you see Frankenstein/monkey/amputee.  No concrete details, platform, release date, or anything else is on the table right now but we've finally got confirmation that we're getting Timesplitters 4!!  Check out all the good stuff right HERE!!

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