Fox To Develop U.S. Version of Torchwood...And Possibly Doctor Who?
January 20, 2010 by wolfman

In a strange twist of news, Fox is in talks with the original UK creators, including Russell Davies, of the hit Doctor Who spin-off Torchwood to bring the series to America.  And Fox isn't stopping there, as they're in talks to get Doctor Who as well.  Torchwood has had an amazing run in the UK, especially with the hit Children of Earth series, and let's not even start with the amazing Doctor Who reboot, which is the UK's number one show.  So it comes as no surprise that America wants in on it, and Fox is stepping up the plate.  

It should be known that Fox tried to aquire Doctor Who back in 1996 with a failed pilot for an american produced Doctor Who TV series, with Paul McGann as his only appearance as the Eighth Doctor. Let's see if they'll have success with this deal.  Thanks to The Hollywood Reporter!

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